Barcode scanners
for data capture

Save time and effort using a barcode scanner for information transfer. Whether you need a compact mobile barcode scanner for occasional scans or a continual print & scan system integrated in a sealed-off production area, Eson Pac has a wide product range for you.

A simple barcode on your order sheet can be read automatically by a scanner that communicates directly with your printer for fool-proof labelling. A barcode scanner checking the labels applied on a fast conveyor belt and sends instructions to your production system can save you many unnecessary stops.

High levels of connectivity including bluetooth and Internet connections ensure easy integration with your current systems, but you can also choose to have a printer and barcode scanner connected in its own stand-alone system programmed by us. We have scanners for every technology including all well-known bar codes and RFID. User-friendly features and design allow the mobile user to scan quickly and efficiently minimising downtime and maximising return on investment.

Our supplier relationships with for instance Symbol give you a wide product portfolio and the latest technology.

Service & Support

Sweden +46 200 76 11 10
Denmark +45 41 71 70 24
Norway +47 69 12 79 79 

To send a machine for servicing, please do as follows:

  • Fill out and attach a printout of the fault report form
  • Always include labels and ink ribbons! However, it is important that labels or ink ribbons are not left in the machine during transport as the machine may be damaged.
  • Pack the machine well, label it Service and send it to:
    Eson Pac Sweden AB
    Persbogatan 4
    SE-265 38 Åstorp, SWEDEN

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