Multipaged Multi-Labels

Our range of Multi-Labels are label constructions for large amount of detailed information and instructions to meet legal requirements and other needs while keeping your product brand and design intact. .

Eson Pac offers several multi-page label constructions, which are also known as Multi-Labels, multilayer labels, booklet or leaflet labels. With knowledge and experience from several customer applications and requirements, we serve with expert advice and manage special developments for both practical and attractive solutions to suit any container and labelling equipment. Our bespoke solutions have helped many businesses comply with legal requirements of increased information, such as EU and CLP regulation or the strict standards for clinical trials.

Also we have experience in added features such as bespoke die-cutting, inserts, detachable parts, Braille, tamper-evidence, holograms and other security features. Many material and print options including speciality varnishes are available.

To form a multi-paged Multi-Label, you can attach either a folded leaflet or a booklet to a base label. We offer a large variety of formats and sizes and can provide tailor-made solutions to suit your particular packaging and packaging line. Eson Pac produces leaflet or booklets, both as inserts in multi-page labels or as stand-alone products. Print traditionally or digitally.