Lexan, panels and instrument labels

A flexible way to print directly onto a panel or instrument is an extremely secure and durable label construction. Discover how panel and instrument labels can improve the look and practicality of your product with extremely versatile features and print that is beyond reach when printing directly on metal.

The most cost-efficient way to change the information or language on your product is to simply change the label. And there are many ways to secure marking with a label. PC and PET materials can be embossed or domed for a pushbutton feeling, printed transparent or die-cut to allow switches or lights on the machinery to go through. The panel labels can be printed on the back (glue side), so the print is protected by the thick label for maximum durability

Extra durable labels

Some labels are exposed to demanding environments such as repetitive wear and tear, corrosive chemicals and extreme temperatures. We work with customers in heavy industry subject to strict regulation and our products are often expected to give lifelong information.