Packaging design & artwork

The perfect packaging solution is completed with your specific design, quality and functional requirements for the included set of labels, cartons, leaflets, booklets and additional packaging products. Primary and secondary packaging need to match for practical and branding purposes. Even the smallest detail, such as a leaflet or label should correspond to the overall concept.

As a result, you need a flexible supplier with a good understanding of conceptual branding and a wide product portfolio of labels, cartons, leaflets, booklets and complementary packaging products. Eson Pac sees your particular requirements as a challenge rather than a constraint and works in direct contact with marketing and design agencies for the most professional result. Let a highly skilled design team suggest different solutions that meet your specific needs.  

Prepress & Artwork
Eson Pac has a highly specialised prepress department with modern mac and windows hard- and software equipment that gives us the possibility to receive data for your labels, cartons, leaflets and booklets in all formats. Additionally, we offer typographic control and makeover services and can help you with digital samples on your chosen material. If you need minor adjustments, such as a bar code added to existing artwork, just let us know your specifications and we will integrate it.

We are a leading label manufacturer with a vast range of constructions and printing effects and a long-standing tradition of innovation that allow you to experiment with new images and brands. Using all those special techniques and features that add that extra look and feel to your brand, we can for example match your product with a no-label look whether on a clear, matte or frosted background or add luminescence and gold effects in your very own individual hue.