Logistics and contract packing

Solutions within logistics, VMI or contract packing simiplifies your supply chain and helps you avoid unnecessary costs or production stops. You can leave all the warehousing, sorting, bundling, packing and shipping to us.

Eson Pac can offer a range of services within warehousing and VMI, which means that we can keep your earmarked standard or pre-printed products in store for immediate call-off. We offer contract packing and can help you combine or bundle products into user-friendly kits, including products not necessarily supplied by Eson Pac.

With Eson Pac’s logistic solutions for complex or repetitive distribution patterns, you can improve the flow of your goods, reducing stock and delivery costs. Buy a particular combination or amount of products and have them organised, bundled and shipped directly to your end destination anywhere in the world. If you need products delivered to many to many different sites a customer service contact can coordinate your supply. 

With iSIS, our 24-hour online order tool you can keep complete track of your order and stock levels at all times. The system helps us warn you when the stocks run low and give you a great overview of the entire product range, what you have previously ordered and where in the pipeline your current order is.